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Use Of The Lifemusic Trademark


As a former Head of Music in London in the 1970s and 80s, Andrew Hodges and his colleagues implemented the use of music improvisation as a core part of the music curriculum. This was a radical change from traditional music tuition in schools and resulted from the pioneering work of John Stevens and Christopher Small and others.

Andrew, who was later to become closely involved with Rod Paton's Lifemusic project, has gone on to make a significant contribution to the development of improvisation theory, taking it into territory beyond the boundaries of music itself.  He continues his work on applications of music improvisation through the Mastering Chaos project.

The trademark, 'Lifemusic' is owned by Andrew Hodges, the use of which h
e now freely gifts to anyone who has made, or is making a contribution to the implementation of music improvisation in the community. No request for permission is required.


To avoid any doubt this trademark can now be used freely by anyone who loves music improvisation and its ability to improve wellbeing.

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